Mental illnesses aren’t “cool”

I see far too many status updates on social media written by teens claiming benign factors in life are giving them ‘anxiety’, that they ‘suffer’ with ‘depression’, or that their ‘insomnia is a bitch’. Nothing irritates me more than uninformed ‘cool kids’ throwing around these words and thinking it gives them cred to be troubled, angst-ridden and suffering with grown up problems.

Real depression is not being able to get out of bed in the morning; a feeling of such profound emptiness and literally thinking you have nothing to live for. It’s not a fleeting feeling of sadness following a TV episode or crying because your parents just “don’t get you”

Real panic attacks and anxiety disorders make every little social event – and the build up to it – excruciatingly difficult. Real anxiety is not ‘triggered’ by not being able to find something to wear, or your hair “not behaving itself” – if you were really suffering with bad anxiety, you wouldn’t be capable of worrying about such trivial things – all your energy would go into worrying about where you’re going, how long you’ll be there, planning to find all the exits just in case, and working on trying to calm yourself down. Stop saying you’ve got fucking anxiety when you haven’t. It’s insulting to people who suffer with this fucking thing every single day to no prevail.

Oh you have ‘insomnia’? I’m sure I would have ‘insomnia’ if I was tweeting and tumblring all night and taking selfies until 7am, too. Real insomnia is lying in the pitch black, tossing and turning for hours on end desperately willing your mind to just shut the fuck off and let you sleep. It’s not being in a bad sleep routine, either. You might be up until the early hours of the morning – but what are you doing during the afternoon and early evening? What’s that? Sleeping? But I thought you said you have… Oh never mind.

I’m part of a generation that think it’s intensely cool and ‘s0o0o hipster’ to suffer with mental health problems. It’s good that at least these things are seemingly becoming less of a taboo and getting talked about I suppose… But if that means having hanger-ons joining the bandwagon because mental illnesses are the latest ‘trend’, I’m not so sure.

Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey McGuire

I tried. I really did. I just can’t get down with The Amazing Spider-Man. I may be in the quiet minority of young adult females who A) don’t find Andrew Garfield all that attractive, and B) don’t judge an actor’s character portrayal on the aforementioned factor; because in all honesty, I think the new film sucked.

Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh a term. It didn’t ‘suck’, I just feel that the role of Spider-Man is completely and perfectly personified by Tobey McGuire. I’m not being elitist over Spider-Man; or at least I’m not trying to be… I just feel that my Spider-Man expectations will never be succeeded because Tobey McGuire will always be the Spider-Man in my opinion.

It’s not like other superhero movies (and I don’t know why, Spider-Man has to be one of, if not the definitive character for Marvel, so you’d think there’d be way more)… But for example, the Batman movies: there’s such a vast and diverse array of several different actors taking on the role of B-Man; the constant ‘line-up’ changes are welcomed and expected. When you think ‘Batman’ you’re probably fairly neutral and enjoy aspects of every different actor that’s played him over the many years.

There doesn’t seem to be that variety when Marvel make superhero movies, or is it just me? I mean, when you compare them to DC, there’s actually not that many. Perhaps this is why I feel so strongly about this? I dunno.

I can’t believe I’ve just written a semi-elitist Spider-Man blog. It’s my sister’s 17th birthday and I need to get ready for shenanigans tonight… But I’m interested; does anyone else feel this instinct over Tobey McGuire? Who’s your favourite Spidy of the two? And why?

Boys That Just “Don’t Get It”

I use the word “boys” in the title instead of “men” because, to me, nothing screams ‘immature’ like an indirect comment written on a website about how “boring” women who “never shut up about feminism” are.

The same morons will also attempt to disguise or defend their uninformed ignorance by starting the snide comment with “I’m all for women’s rights and equality and all that…” well, clearly you haven’t got a clue, so let’s not even pretend you know what you’re talking about.

There are several things wrong with your argument. If you fully supported women’s rights (which is, essentially, a political movement against chauvinistic patriarchy), you wouldn’t find the women who “never shut up about it” “boring”, because it would be a shared interest and something you stood for and believed in yourself.

You’d understand that sexism is an important issue and if you were even slightly as intelligent as you play up to be, you’d also understand that things don’t get done and change doesn’t happen by ‘shutting up’. I mean, you’re actually part of the problem. You’re telling women to oppress their views and – lol – dismissing those who don’t, as “boring”.

It’s almost as if you believe that your opinion is valued enough to stop me talking about how important I find the issues or topics I tweet/blog about. Newsflash, your opinion(s) don’t mean shit to me. I initially thought you were alright, but you don’t uphold respect by being a thoughtless twit with pseudo-intelligence and a superiority complex.

Your opinion, as you wrote it, was an arrogant condescending hypocritical statement which contradicts every other sexist remark or misogynistic action I’ve previously seen from you. Tell me, are you just misinformed on the meaning of equality and feminism or are you merely a vapid moron who likes to think they’re super intelligent when in reality they’re actually pretty thick?

Being an atheist doesn’t make you hot shit

I find myself constantly bewildered at the pretentious attitude of some atheists – who seem to believe they’re intelligently and culturally superior because they don’t believe in ‘God’. I identify as an atheist myself (sometimes I practice Buddhism), but I fully appreciate and respect the belief of others – as long as that belief is not harmful to others or used to justify terrorism or preventable things (“It’s God’s will”)

What I don’t understand, or have very high regard for, is these self-proclaimed “intelligent” people who go around promoting anti-theologic views in the same radical manner as the ‘annoying religious people’ that they’re arguing against!

Like… seriously, have you not learned by now that not everyone is going to have the same views as you? Respect that, don’t try and lecture someone into how you’re “more intelligent” because you don’t “rely on God” – if anything, it makes you seem embarrassingly un-intelligent. Like it or not, God and religion brings comfort to many, many people. Faith is perhaps one of the most fascinating things in the world; it gets people through seemingly impossible times, and to many; it’s all they have.

Atheism isn’t ‘cool’ and I fully resent any self-important, pretentious idiot who approaches innocent people minding their own business and pesters/questions them about their personal beliefs as if they should need to explain themselves. That’s called bullying.

I am an atheist. but it doesn’t mean I view myself as superior or ignorant to religion and the consolation it brings people.

My grandma is a Roman Catholic and seeing her talk about it is almost inspiring; she believes her faith in God helps her do things and without Him, she would not have the strength to do half the things she gets done; I try and tell her that by crediting her faith completely, it’s almost undermining her own strength… but at the end of the day, it’s what she truly believes.

Now whilst I am not a fan of radical religion by any means (my Grandma and I are always keenly debating Catholicism), I would never dream of dismissing her, or anyone, as ‘dumb’ just because they rely on something bigger than any of us. 

Just be a kind person. Religion (or lack thereof) shouldn’t play a part in human decency.

Down with Celebrity News

I love YouTube. I don’t love YouTube’s ads. Especially the ‘please wait 10 seconds’ ones. Especially when the ad is a ’90-second update’ about ‘celebrity news’. A soldier was killed on home turf streets last week, and I’m having to watch an ‘important news broadcast’ about dumb celebrity twitter feuds and whether Lady Gaga has actually managed to lose all that weight or not? This is completely nauseating. I know it’s these people’s jobs on these shows to bitch and moan about the most pointless things but seriously… I could never degrade my intelligence to take part in a celebrity slamming session. I felt as though I lost IQ points even watching it. Find substantial things to talk about. Perez Hilton, HI.

Some candy talkin’


I don’t really feel qualified enough to be making “outfit of the day” posts unless it’s a special occasion and/or I’ve made an effort (which isn’t very often); as the only item of clothing I find myself buying heaps of, are various t-shirts. I have about four or five pairs of jeans and will usually throw them on with anything. I’m lazy, I know.

So I, instead of of making “ootd” (outfit of the day) posts, am gunna start making “totd” (t-shirt of the day) (or indeed even “totw” – t-shirt of the week – as the concept of changing my t-shirt every day is a little ambitious)

I love the Jesus & Mary Chain. If Scottish folk know one thing it’s how to make good music. I had a bad experience in Scotland when I was younger so there’s a running inside joke between me and my friends that “the only good thing to ever come out of Scotland is undoubtedly the music” (Jesus & Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, Cocteau Twins, The Associates, Belle & Sebastian, Aztec Camera, The Secret Goldfish, Idlewild, Arab Strap, etc. The list goes on and on.)

Obviously, the Scottish talent can’t quite match my affection for the English bands out around the same time – especially the Britpop ones – (particularly Pulp, Suede, Oasis, Supergrass, Elastica, Lush, and Blur!) but it comes pretty close. JAMC and Teenage Fanclub are two of my favourite bands of all time.

Anyway. “Psycho Candy” is my favourite, if not my second favourite record by the Jesus And Mary Chain (I can never pick between that and “Darklands”) but regardless, they’re both wonderful. “Automatic” and “Munki” also. JAMC are (I feel) quite underrated, so you should go check ’em out.