Down with Celebrity News

I love YouTube. I don’t love YouTube’s ads. Especially the ‘please wait 10 seconds’ ones. Especially when the ad is a ’90-second update’ about ‘celebrity news’. A soldier was killed on home turf streets last week, and I’m having to watch an ‘important news broadcast’ about dumb celebrity twitter feuds and whether Lady Gaga has actually managed to lose all that weight or not? This is completely nauseating. I know it’s these people’s jobs on these shows to bitch and moan about the most pointless things but seriously… I could never degrade my intelligence to take part in a celebrity slamming session. I felt as though I lost IQ points even watching it. Find substantial things to talk about. Perez Hilton, HI.

Andy Warhol was right

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.

Everyone’s heard about ‘Tampon Girl’ by now, right? (If you haven’t — here’s a link)

So when I first heard this story, it conjured up images of the infamous Donita Sparks’ incident at Reading festival in 1992, but if I remember correctly, Donita’s excuse for what she did was not “cause it was a dare, and i wanted to get famous!” (yes, seriously):


I can’t quite find the words to describe how I feel about this… sad? perplexed? confused? The fact she sucked blood from her own tampon doesn’t even shock me – realistically, it’s really not that disgusting in my opinion; there are far worse things on the internet.

No, the truly repugnant thing for me in all of this, was that this girl’s honest idea of ‘fame’ is, in truth, infamy. We live in a time where ‘fame’ is not necessarily always accompanied with talent, hard work, or distinctive greatness — instead, it’s measured by how many Twitter followers, YouTube views, or how much notoriety on a reality TV show you have.


Dear Giovanna, the backlash of this video, and the consequence of your actions will only come back to haunt you. What you don’t understand is how detrimental this could be to you later on. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, but from me to you: forget about the internet for a while. Go to school, work hard, find a hobby, and strive for becoming famous for something truly important and relevant to the world. Peace.

I’m pro K-Stew (yes, you read that right).

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart’s acting capabilities, I don’t actively follow her on social networking sites, she’s of very little interest to me. However, I heard along the grapevine today that she’s been fired from starring in the second instalment of Snow White and the Huntsman, following the coming out of her affair with director Rupert Sanders.

Now Rupert Sanders, a husband and father of two, has escaped this punishment, and is still allowed to direct the second movie. Good old-fashioned sexism in it’s finest form, don’t you just love it? The woman in the affair is frowned upon and fired – yet the male gets by relatively easy in comparison.

Seriously, it makes no sense to punish solely Kirsten Stewart by axing her from the second movie. If anything, both of them should be treated the same amount – they’re guilty of the same thing. What’s the point, Hollywood? This whole double standard bullshit bugs the hell out of me. Discriminating Kristen because she’s a woman and ‘ladies don’t have affairs with married men’? It’s 2012, not 1950! After everything, you’d think we’d learn a thing or two from human behaviour and accept that this sexist bullshit is just that – bullshit!

Agoraphobic teen releases her first single

Meet Jemma Pixie Hixon; a 21 year old from Worcester who’s grown increasingly popular singing covers on YouTube. She’s beautiful, talented, has been featured on Kerrang! radio, MTV, various news websites…

Oh, and she hasn’t left her house in over two years.


Jemma’s suffered with severe panic and anxiety since the age of 6, which unfortunately developed into agoraphobia during her teenage years, and now she’s been left completely housebound. Still, this doesn’t stop Jemma — she recently released her debut single “Never Let Go” — which was completely recorded in her bedroom.

Her story has touched me in a very personal way; although nothing like Jemma’s condition, I have been through similar issues throughout the past year. I developed agoraphobia due to anxiety and was housebound for a few months… it’s a terribly isolated, lonely, depressing thing to go through and I find it completely inspirational that Jemma isn’t letting this stop her from achieving her dreams.

When you’re suffering with agoraphobia it’s so easy to be sucked into an abyss of self-pity and depression. You feel trapped, helpless, frustrated. You give up. It’s clear that Jemma is not even close to giving up. Battling with something so intense at such a young age… it’s obvious that she’s a determined and incredibly strong individual.

I wish her all the happiness and luck in the world, and when she recovers – which I’m sure she will – I will be first in line to her show.

Sometimes the world makes no sense…

My thoughts are with anyone affected by the inhumane and mindless acts that were carried out at the Batman screening on Thursday. It’s staggering to me that people can’t even do a simple thing like enjoy a late-night cinema showing anymore…

It also begs the question; how many innocent people are going to be caught in the cross-fire of tragic massacres before the US seriously prohibits gun-owning laws? Columbine, Virginia Tech, mall shootings, etc. It’s disturbing. I sincerely hope something is done to permanently prevent these senseless acts.

I leave you with this: