A few days ago I got tickets to see none other than my lord and saviour himself, Morrissey, on his upcoming UK tour (no London date, so I have to travel, but still!) I can’t believe I’m going to finally get to see fucking MORRISSEY. I literally might bawl my eyes out at the concert. I’m going with one of my best friends, too; Rosie, who I haven’t been to a proper concert with since we used to follow shitty bands around on tour that we loved as fourteen year olds. Our tastes have matured since then and are clearly a lot more superior, obviously, so this will be our first grown-up concert together ever. Oh, and speaking of grown-up concerts, I’m seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain next month with my boyfriend, which I can’t wait for. 2015 is going to be okay, I think.


Happy Birthday Morrissey!


This man holds such a special place in my heart. There’s not many people (I feel – especially in this day and age) who are truly able to epitomise lyrical, poetic, artistic genius; but Steven Patrick Morrissey is definitely one of them (so is my babe Jarvis Cocker just incase you were wondering… )

I wish that young performers – or indeed any current musicians – would take a leaf out of his book and try to emulate and withstand the same literary integrity that Morrissey has maintained for years.

Happy birthday Moz! You’re the bees knees!

And also a fine, fine wine…



Crying over androgynous male band members from the ’90s… again

Why are there no musicians or boys around anymore who share the same depth and substance as Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, or as shown above, the absolute ethereal creature which is Brett Anderson? Now it’s all piercings, tattoos, and poseurs attempting (and failing) to bring back glam rock. For fuck sake.

P.S. How utterly lovely was Paula Yates? Rest in peace…

P.P.S. Suede just announced UK tour dates in October!!! And guess who will motherfucking be there!!

Morrissey comics though…

The first graphic novel I read (after my first inauguration with Batman’s Scarecrow Tales) was Neil Gaiman’s stunningly poignant tale “Death: The High Cost of Living”. This book really changed everything I’d initially thought about comics and what they were. After reading Death, the realisation hit me that comics could be – as I said before – incredibly poignant and touching, but also something else; something other than just dudes running around in superhero costumes.

Neil Gaiman is one of my absolute favourite writers of all time – I adore him. His literary skills capture and describe human emotion from a deep, poetic standpoint. I love graphic novels like Death; ones which offer hidden moral and life lessons to the reader – unusually uplifting, reassuring stories hidden within the story.


Reading Gaiman was, for me, like the first time I listened to Morrissey. The effortlessly flawless use of similes, analogies, metaphors, poetic writing. Death as a sixteen year old girl. But it’s really much deeper than simply that. Read it. You’ll see what I mean.

On the subject of Morrissey and comics… Can we all just take a minute to think about how fucking awesome it’d be if Moz delved into the world of comics? His stuff would (I imagine) be as eloquently well-written as Mr. Gaiman’s work for sure – but much more reality-based, bleak, depressing, petulant ramblings based on human hopelessness and existential fears. Life; basically. I’d still buy that shit though. Wouldn’t you?

My 5 favourite frontmen when they were young(er)

Just another five reasons to hate living in the present day…

David Bowie
My love for Bowie has been consistent ever since I was 11 and one day stumbled across his biography flicking through channels whilst off school. His genius, brilliance, and contribution to the worlds of music and art over the years have been nothing short of legendary – and – is there a soul alive today who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Bowie now and again? I doubt it very much. Also, the recurring themes of androgyny and gender-bending used in his work make him all the more appealing to me. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a dude who looks good in makeup.

Robert Smith
Ah, another beautiful man who knows how to write a fantastic song and is not afraid to embrace his inner femininity! The Cure are one of my all-time favourite bands, and the first time I saw Robert sing, my first thought was that he was like Edward Scissorhands crossed with Siouxsie Sioux crossed with some sort of singing demigod. He is undeniably lovely, too, and let’s not forget his fucking fantastic fashion.

Billy Corgan
Ugh. When you’re finished staring at the beauty that is Billy Corgan circa early-90s, this is why he is awesome:

  • he created The Smashing Pumpkins
  • he is a legit poet who has written some of the most achingly-beautiful, introspective song lyrics in the history of the universe
  • He is incredibly smart, witty, down to earth, and compassionate.
  • he wrote Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which is one of the greatest records of all time
  • duh, he’s Billy Corgan.
  • Seriously, I can’t think of a single bad thing about him, apart from maybe the fact he dated Tila Tequila… uh, moving on…

    There have been times when listening to The Smiths, or one of his solo songs, where I’ve straight-up bursted out laughing at his outrageous misanthropic statements. But that’s what endeared me to him; and although he’s definitely mellowed out with age, he’s still phenomenal. The misery and frustration in his lyrics is so damn relatable, listening to his songs is almost a personal experience. He is (in my opinion) the greatest lyricist of all time. His outlook on life, often brash opinions, irrefutable style, and devilish handsomeness (which has only gotten better with age!) is why I love him.

    Johnny Rotten
    Okay, whilst at first glance he may seem like a scruffy English punk with bad teeth, he’s actually SO MUCH MORE than that. I saved him til last, because he truly is my favourite frontman of any band, ever. Why? Firstly, he’s a genius. He wrote some of the best punk songs of all time, and was thee pioneer of punk. It frustrates me when people glamorise Sid Vicious’ lifestyle and forget that Johnny Rotten has always been the brains and voice behind the Sex Pistols. His unapologetic, witty, and sometimes downright offensive remarks have always made him a controversial figure; but when you look back at earlier interviews he gave in the late 70’s, at the age of 19, 20, it really puts into perspective just how intelligent and ahead of his game he’s always been. He’s stayed grounded, genuine, and true to himself despite becoming a punk legend in his own right. Johnny Rotten is fucking brilliant. I wish I’d been alive and of age (lol) in the late 70’s… intelligence makes someone so fucking attractive… that, and the fact he was super-duper cute… I love him.