Back to pink…

The first time I dyed my hair pink I was seventeen, in the spring of 2012. It was a spontaneous decision spurred by my (then) fascination of kawaii & Japanese culture, with a hint of influence growing up seeing Audrey Kitching all over the internet. It’s one of my favourite hair colours, and temporary hair change can do wonders for your mood. I’m wearing skeleton leggings, a vintage Wolfpack oversize t-shirt, a vintage faux fur coat, and a pink Vivienne Westwood heart bag. (The lipstick is Diva by MAC).


MAC / Rocky Horror

MAC Cosmetics just announced their upcoming Rocky Horror line, scheduled for release in October. As a devout MAC customer and obsessed Rocky Horror fan (since I was 11), I am beyond excited. This is (maybe?) even better than when MAC released their Archie’s girls line (which, being the personification of Veronica Lodge, I couldn’t wait for) in 2012. Roll on October.


My two favourite things…combined


When MAC cosmetics decided to team up with Archie comics to create a makeup collection – it truly was a beautiful, beautiful moment. The kind I live for, actually.

MAC have incorporated the two Archie babes, Betty and Veronica, into a flawless makeup line consisting of shades for all the spoilt rich girls and girls next door’s in everyone.

You all know how much I love comics. You all know how much I love make-up. I fangirled. A lot. In September 2010, I happened to be in Los Angeles for the MAC ‘Venomous Villains’ (a Disney villains-inspired collection) opening in Hollywood – and I thought that was my favourite MAC collaboration. But… Nope! This beauty-meets-comics crossover really takes the biscuit. In love.