1. Papier Mâché gynaecological model 

I don’t know where my fascination with anatomy began really. my mother is a trained nurse and I have always had a morbid fascination (I remember she would take me to the Hunterian museum in London after work sometimes and I would marvel at all the preserved embryos and fetuses and dead mammals. it was great.) 

2. Twin Peaks Murder Mystery game

Is this REAL???!!!!!! I don’t even know but I want, need, require it. I’m obsessed with Twin Peaks (David Lynch’s work in general to be honest) and wouldn’t this be the most perfect entertainment for a gathering with friends??? too good.

3. Vintage mechnanical Fortune Teller

I found this on either Pinterest or etsy, I’m not sure quite how it works and it’s most likely a pile of shit but I am obsessed with antiques like this. Anything remotely psychic, clairvoyant, or mystic is of great interest to me – always has been – my ancestors were Romani gypsies from India so I definitely get it from dat gypsy blood. 

4. Salvador Dali Tarot Deck

I relentlessly talk about how Salvador Dali is my favourite artist of all time. Back in January, I tweeted about this beauty of a tarot deck, and I’ve since bought it, but I just had to share. It’s worth searching on Google or Tarot sites to see the whole deck too, because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

5. Jareth the Goblin King MacBook sticker 

Lol. Just lol. There are so many things right with this picture I can’t deal. I need this laptop sticker. 

6. Celestial map throw blanket 

Another thing I’ve been obsessed with recently: celestial/astrological maps, sacred geometry of the universe, and star charts (if you have me on Pinterest you’ll have noticed me pinning the shit out of anything even scarcely related to the aforementioned). The picture is blurry but it’s basically a star map showing various astrological constellations in illustrated form. Suhwwweeet.

7. Creepy Hand wall hooks

Another thing which doesn’t strictly belong on this ‘dream possessions’ list – as I actually already own quite a few. These are made from real human hand moulds and are great for holding jewellery, a coat, small accessories, anything really. They are great quality and one of my favourite household decor items I own.

8. The ACTUAL Cheiro’s ‘palmistry for all’ book

Anyone even remotely interested in palmistry will know about the classic Cheiro’s book published in the early 20th century. There are recently published copies readily available would how great would it be to own an actual first edition antique copy? I’m sure there’s one on Etsy… perhaps I’ll have to break into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?

9. Georges Méliès ‘A Trip To The Moon’ sculpture 

Another great find on etsy. This thing is entirely hand sculpted and it was literally love at first sight. If you have never watched Georges Méliès silent films I strongly urge you to, the cinematography and set design is stunning.  

10. Bat lamp

Obviously I have a bit of a spooky vibe going on and a (genetic- thanks mum)  predisposition to all things creepy. This vampire bat lamp is so cool, but the fact it’s from a vampire-themed nightclub in Shanghai makes it even cooler. Plane tickets anyone?

woah, it’s been a while.

hey guiiizzzzze. it’s been like two months. I know, I fail. but I’ve been so busy with kicking my agoraphobia’s butt and starting to life again. my boyfriend lives in central London full time so I’ve been venturing there (not like it’s particularly far from home, but the city is huge and busy and vibrant and exciting and – you would think, a typical agoraphobic’s nightmare). but I love it there so much. I always have. Its familiar and fun… and it’s home, in a way. i went to see the jesus & mary chain’s 30th anniversary psychocandy tour a couple weeks back which was super rad, i’m seeing morrissey(!!!!) in a few days, blur announced a new album and confirmed they’d been playing shows this summer. 2015 has been good to me so far. 

Inspired: Rothschild Surrealist Ball

December 12., 1972: The annual Rothschild Surrealist Ball.
The requirements for the evening were “Black tie, long dresses & Surrealist heads” nothing more, nothing less. In keeping with the theme, the invitation sent was actually written backwards – to read the invite you had to hold it up to a mirror.
Now when money is no object (the Rothschild family were a super wealthy banking family), the only limit is ones imagination and it’s fair to say that Marie-Hélène certainly had plenty in supply. Firstly she insisted the iconic Château to be floodlit with sweeping amber lights, designed to create the illusion the building was on fire. Once inside, the entire staircase was filled with servants and footmen dressed as cats all in various poses of sleep.
And once you’d overcome that initial shock, guests were then forced to enter a hellish labyrinthine maze – where should you get lost, one of the “cats” would rescue you and whisk you away where you’d be formally greeted by Marie-Hélène Rothschild herself. On this particular night, she was wearing an enormous giant’s head that was crying tears of diamonds.
Even my favourite Salvador Dali was in attendance. Just imagine being there. Sounds like an intriguing (and clearly intoxicating) blend of art, literature, haute couture and dance. AKA, my kind of party.



A few days ago I got tickets to see none other than my lord and saviour himself, Morrissey, on his upcoming UK tour (no London date, so I have to travel, but still!) I can’t believe I’m going to finally get to see fucking MORRISSEY. I literally might bawl my eyes out at the concert. I’m going with one of my best friends, too; Rosie, who I haven’t been to a proper concert with since we used to follow shitty bands around on tour that we loved as fourteen year olds. Our tastes have matured since then and are clearly a lot more superior, obviously, so this will be our first grown-up concert together ever. Oh, and speaking of grown-up concerts, I’m seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain next month with my boyfriend, which I can’t wait for. 2015 is going to be okay, I think.


This is an open letter to the vile obsessed individual who constantly shit talks me and repeatedly forces even their mild acquaintances to block me on social media. You are a liar. You are a bully. You are delusional. I do not like, respect, or want even the faintest thing to do with you. Do not flatter yourself into thinking I do. If I follow someone you may know, that is because I respect them as a creative individual and I admire their artistic talent(s). Not yours. Now, get over your disturbing preoccupation with me and my life, stop surveilling my online accounts, and find some other young woman you perceive as a threat to obsess over. You do not know me. I have met you once, briefly. You stalk me on the internet (hence why I’m posting this, because of course you’ll fucking see it). That still doesn’t qualify as ‘knowing’ someone. Why you think you do, in some twisted figment of your imagination is beyond all comprehension to me. You are the furthest thing from feminism and I am so sorry I had even the misfortune of coming across you and your sycophantic manipulative lunacy. Now leave me alone. Forever. Peace!


Kim Fowley 1939-2015

tumblr_ltorxrwZPj1r32crvo1_500When I was sixteen, unjaded, and still taken off-guard by the wonder and spontaneity of the world; I went to Los Angeles for a week with friends. During this time, I had the opportunity to converse with the genuine one-of-a-kind weirdo that was the magical Kim Fowley. He called my friend Hunter and I ‘two little cherry bombs’, told us about discovering Joan Jett, before subsequently inviting us to a drag queen/strip club on Hollywood boulevard. Being sixteen at the time, Hunter and I never took him up on his offer, but regardless… that conversation with him remains one of my favourite memories. I am a little sad today. I think I’ll go and watch The Runaways. RIP Kim. What a character you were.