Versus Versace SS 15

Versus is the youthful diffusion of Versace; hailed as the rock-chic fashion line, creative and innovative, it was Gianni Versace’s gift to his muse and younger sister Donatella – by all means the first woman to merge the music world with the fashion world, just as he brother did before her.

So, naturally, upon seeing the latest Versus line has incorporated safety pins – not only an homage to punk subculture – but also a throwback to Gianni Versace’s clothes in the early ’90’s – I bought a couple of bags because, well, punk and couture is a perfect marriage of juxtaposition and contrast, and it’s insanely aesthetically pleasing. At least to me, anyway. 


Back to pink…

The first time I dyed my hair pink I was seventeen, in the spring of 2012. It was a spontaneous decision spurred by my (then) fascination of kawaii & Japanese culture, with a hint of influence growing up seeing Audrey Kitching all over the internet. It’s one of my favourite hair colours, and temporary hair change can do wonders for your mood. I’m wearing skeleton leggings, a vintage Wolfpack oversize t-shirt, a vintage faux fur coat, and a pink Vivienne Westwood heart bag. (The lipstick is Diva by MAC).


My quest for thee perfect leather jacket has come to an end.

Topshop, River Island, Zara, various vintage boutiques – you name it, I’ve looked there. My search for a perfect, comfortable, form-fitting leather jacket began in late 2010/early 2011 but to no avail. I’ve never found a leather jacket that’s literally taken my breath away – until now. God bless ALLSAINTS because I finally found it, and it was totally worth the wait. You know those rare moments where you feel as though a piece of clothing may have literally completed your life? Yeah, that. X4097526896


From Hell They Came…

Had my weave taken out today… Meh. It’s weird to have such short thin hair but that’s what I get for ruining it with bleach over the years, I guess.

On the upside I found my long-lost Misfits t-shirt which I haven’t worn since April last year; so that was good.

Please excuse the hair/roots/general awfulness of the photo.


Some candy talkin’


I don’t really feel qualified enough to be making “outfit of the day” posts unless it’s a special occasion and/or I’ve made an effort (which isn’t very often); as the only item of clothing I find myself buying heaps of, are various t-shirts. I have about four or five pairs of jeans and will usually throw them on with anything. I’m lazy, I know.

So I, instead of of making “ootd” (outfit of the day) posts, am gunna start making “totd” (t-shirt of the day) (or indeed even “totw” – t-shirt of the week – as the concept of changing my t-shirt every day is a little ambitious)

I love the Jesus & Mary Chain. If Scottish folk know one thing it’s how to make good music. I had a bad experience in Scotland when I was younger so there’s a running inside joke between me and my friends that “the only good thing to ever come out of Scotland is undoubtedly the music” (Jesus & Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, Cocteau Twins, The Associates, Belle & Sebastian, Aztec Camera, The Secret Goldfish, Idlewild, Arab Strap, etc. The list goes on and on.)

Obviously, the Scottish talent can’t quite match my affection for the English bands out around the same time – especially the Britpop ones – (particularly Pulp, Suede, Oasis, Supergrass, Elastica, Lush, and Blur!) but it comes pretty close. JAMC and Teenage Fanclub are two of my favourite bands of all time.

Anyway. “Psycho Candy” is my favourite, if not my second favourite record by the Jesus And Mary Chain (I can never pick between that and “Darklands”) but regardless, they’re both wonderful. “Automatic” and “Munki” also. JAMC are (I feel) quite underrated, so you should go check ’em out.