☾ about me ☽


I’m a 20 year old philosophy and psychology university student from England who has a penchant for documenting my life and experiences on the internet – sometimes to my own demise (hi cyber stalkers!). I enjoy blogging about a wide range of topics from feminism, mental illness, creepy art, to quenching my fascination with the bizarre and curious. This blog initially started out as a cathartic way to deal with and document my progress and recovery with sudden onset panic disorder at age seventeen in 2011, which ultimately escalated to agoraphobia in a matter of months. A few years later, well on my way out the other side of the problem which held me prisoner for what seemed like an eternity, this blog is being used in a more casual manner;  to catalogue events in my life and my interests which just may be of enjoyment to you, too.

Interests: death, salvador dali, al columbia, watercooler romances, feminism, art, the paranormal, neurology, morality, cults, conspiracy theories, friedrich nietzsche, britpop & shoegaze, anatomy, rocky horror, david lynch, alfred hitchcock, set design, andy warhol, travelling, fashion and design, dystopian novels, horror movies, polaroid cameras, bleach blondes, oddities and curiosities, astrology, genetics.


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for enquiries, advice, or simply just to say hi, you can reach my public email at: charliexsophia@gmail.com

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