Inspired: Rothschild Surrealist Ball

December 12., 1972: The annual Rothschild Surrealist Ball.
The requirements for the evening were “Black tie, long dresses & Surrealist heads” nothing more, nothing less. In keeping with the theme, the invitation sent was actually written backwards – to read the invite you had to hold it up to a mirror.
Now when money is no object (the Rothschild family were a super wealthy banking family), the only limit is ones imagination and it’s fair to say that Marie-Hélène certainly had plenty in supply. Firstly she insisted the iconic Château to be floodlit with sweeping amber lights, designed to create the illusion the building was on fire. Once inside, the entire staircase was filled with servants and footmen dressed as cats all in various poses of sleep.
And once you’d overcome that initial shock, guests were then forced to enter a hellish labyrinthine maze – where should you get lost, one of the “cats” would rescue you and whisk you away where you’d be formally greeted by Marie-Hélène Rothschild herself. On this particular night, she was wearing an enormous giant’s head that was crying tears of diamonds.
Even my favourite Salvador Dali was in attendance. Just imagine being there. Sounds like an intriguing (and clearly intoxicating) blend of art, literature, haute couture and dance. AKA, my kind of party.


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