This is an open letter to the vile obsessed individual who constantly shit talks me and repeatedly forces even their mild acquaintances to block me on social media. You are a liar. You are a bully. You are delusional. I do not like, respect, or want even the faintest thing to do with you. Do not flatter yourself into thinking I do. If I follow someone you may know, that is because I respect them as a creative individual and I admire their artistic talent(s). Not yours. Now, get over your disturbing preoccupation with me and my life, stop surveilling my online accounts, and find some other young woman you perceive as a threat to obsess over. You do not know me. I have met you once, briefly. You stalk me on the internet (hence why I’m posting this, because of course you’ll fucking see it). That still doesn’t qualify as ‘knowing’ someone. Why you think you do, in some twisted figment of your imagination is beyond all comprehension to me. You are the furthest thing from feminism and I am so sorry I had even the misfortune of coming across you and your sycophantic manipulative lunacy. Now leave me alone. Forever. Peace!


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