As an avid etsy/Pinterest/polyvore/etc user, there’s a lot of random, weird and wonderful, bizarro shit I would ideally like to own. Every month or week (undecided as of yet), im going to conduct a blog sect titled Dream Possessions, consisting of ten awesome (and slightly, maybe, in some cases off-colour) finds on my wish list(s) – believe me, there’s many.

1. Charles Manson teapot


is this in bad taste? I dunno, but as a teen my fascination with Charles Manson began, escalating to the point where I changed my last name on facebook to ‘Manson’ some point in 2011 (‘Charlie Manson? geddit? Is that in bad taste? probably). But anyway, this teapot, to me, is kind of painfully desirable. waahhh.

2. Preserved Mummified Fetal Bat


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been scouring the nooks and crannies of the internet (why can’t I just live in LA?!?! ‘necromance’ on melrose ave. anyone?) looking for a taxidermy bat. Originally I was very set on only etymology (a bat skeleton), because bat bone placement – especially their wings, is so pretty and intricate. But I came across this on etsy and think it’s stunning. Plus I love the ornate dome it comes in.

3. Jesus-on-a-crucifix-in-a-snowglobe-thing


I’m not religious whatsoever, but when it comes to religious figurines I really, really love them. I want all the life-sized wax figurines in the chapel at the end of Romeo & Juliet (1996) in my house. I think they’re really unnerving, which is why I’m drawn to them (go figure). Anyway, this snow globe, when you shake it, fills with red glitter to exemplify the blood of Jesus Christ. COOL.

4. Coffin bookcase


I’m really surprised I don’t already own a coffin-shaped book case. I’m even more surprised my mum doesn’t own one… This would be an edgy addition to any household, and as the picture depicts, you don’t just necessarily have to fill it with books – look at all the cute curiosities this bookshelf is displaying (i see you, ‘Rose’ portrait by Mark Ryden!).

5. Dali melting clock


Okay, this is really really cool. I definitely need to get one. Salvador Dali is one of, if not maybe, my favourite visual artist of all time. At first glance I initially thought this was just a display thing, but nope, it’s an actual fully-functioning clock. Why is this not in my life already? I must own it. I think when I’ve published this blog post I’m going to hunt it down online and buy.

6. Constellation globe


If you know me in real life, (which I’m presuming you don’t, so you’ll have to trust me on this one), you’d know how obsessed I am with astrology. I’m a bit horoscope mad (thanks mum). Anyway, so, naturally when I saw this, I felt an instinctive ‘it must be mine’ course through my veins. I think this is, or was, available at Urban Outfitters…of all places.

7. Gun hairdryer


I like anything quirky, and this would just immediately add +270 pts to anyone’s ‘quirk’ factor. It just beats a normal generic hair dryer, doesn’t it? It’s just… Cool. Anyone who own this is a bona fide cool person.

8. Lips and tongue telephone


It was between this and a Kit Cat Clock for the #8 spot, but since I just ordered a Kit Cat Clock a few days ago, I thought that was pretty void to appear on a ‘dream possessions’ list. This phone is covered in glitter and reminds me of some Club Kid, Rolling Stones, Rocky Horror hybrid. I also want a burger phone (like Juno has) maybe even more so than this, now I come to think about it…

9. Addams Family cards


Collecting and hoarding cards (picture cards, playing cards, tarot cards, etc) is something I can definitely envisage myself doing. I’ve ‘pinned’ and ‘liked’ a shit ton of cards of all variations; everything from Halloween-themed playing cards, to actual antique tarot cards from the 1850’s, to these vintage Addams Family playing cards. I carry a (regular) deck of cards with me in my bag everywhere I go, because, well, you can never be bored with cards. It’s literally impossible.

10. Frida Kahlo cushions


I’m a self-professed Art nerd, and Frida Kahlo is in my top 10 favourite artists. I have Frida Kahlo books taking up a good space of my room, a framed Frida Kahlo picture on my window sill, ‘Saint Frida’ styled candles, and even a Frida Kahlo phone case. I love not only the subject on these cushions, but the style and vibrancy of them. So pretty.

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