16 Best Pulp Lyrics

As a huge Pulp fan, it’s hard not to be captivated by, and immersed in Jarvis Cocker’s lyric writing; the euphemisms, the metaphors, the imagery. It’s honest poetry; raw and deep. I’ve accumulated some of my favourite lyrics from my favourite Pulp songs and shared them below:

1. Joyriders
“We can’t help it we’re so thick we can’t think
Can’t think of anything, but shit sleep and drink.”

2. Have You Seen Her Lately?
“First you let him in your bed,
Now he’s moved inside your head.”

3. The Fear
“And when you’re no longer searching for beauty or love
Just some kind of life with the edges taken off
When you can’t even define what it is
That you’re frightened of.”

4. Dishes
“And I’m not worried that I will never touch the stars
cos stars belong up in heaven
and the earth is where we are.”

5. Help The Aged
“And if you look very hard
Behind the lines upon their face you may see where you are headed
And it’s such a lonely place.”

6. Glory Days
“I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it,
I could do anything if only I could get round to it,
We were brought up on the space race,
Now they expect you to clean toilets
When you’ve seen how big the world is
How can you make do with this?”

7. Like A Friend
“Every time I get no further.
How long has it been?
Come on in now,
Wipe your feet on my dreams.”

8. Misshapes
“We want your homes, we want your lives,
we want the things you won’t allow us.
We won’t use guns, we won’t use bombs
We’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of – that’s our minds.”

9. Pencil Skirt
“You can tell me some lies,
about the good times that you’ve had,
but I’ve kissed your mother twice,
and now I’m working on your Dad.”

10. Common People
“Sing along with the common people
Sing along and it might just get you through,
Laugh along with the common people
Laugh along even though they’re laughin’ at you,
And the stupid things that you do
Because you think that poor is cool…”

11. Sorted For Es & Wizz
“Oh, is this the way they say the future’s meant to feel?
Or just 20,000 people standing in a field.”

12. Underwear
“If fashion is your trade,
then when you’re naked,
I guess you must be unemployed, yeah.”

13. Monday Morning
“There’s nothing to do, so you just stay in bed
Oh, poor thing
Why live in the world
When you can live in your head?”

14. The Trees
“Yeah, the trees, those useless trees,
Produce the air that I am breathing.”

15. Babies
“I know you won’t believe it’s true,
I only went with her ‘coz she looks like you.”

16. Bar Italia
“There’s only one place we can go,
It’s round the corner in Soho,
Where other broken people go.”

Which are some of your favourite Pulp lyrics? Comment and share them below!

2 thoughts on “16 Best Pulp Lyrics”

  1. I recently stumbled across a book of selected lyrics of Jarvis Cocker’s in Waterstones, and seeing this post makes me regret not buying it. You should totally check it out if you haven’t already! 🙂 ♥

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