Rambling about Batman

I have seen my fair share of anti-Ben Affleck/Batman posts over the past twelve hours, and man have they had me in hysterics, but I’m just confused as to why the onslaught of hate towards poor Ben.

I don’t know why DC/Warner Bros. feel the need to make another Batman franchise but wasn’t the reaction from thirty-something year old Batman elitists the same when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker in Nolan’s Dark Knight? They were fucking raging. And, to be honest, even though Ledger was not my favourite Joker – all hail Cesar Romero – he still did a phenomenal job. He was amazing.

Anyway, this got me thinking of all the other Batman-related movies they could be making instead of just another Bruce Wayne movie. I know that kind of defeats the purpose and sounds dumb because duh, “a Batman movie without Bruce Wayne? Charlie shut up” but hear me out! Not without Bruce Wayne just… less focused on him. DC and Warner Brothers are making me hate Batman!

I wanna watch a film from another character’s perspective. The love story between Joker and Harley is super interesting, spiralling into insanity because of love! I wanna watch a movie about that!


Remember all the hype about Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy playing Joker and Harley? But then they both died? Yeah, just think for one second how fucking awesome that movie would’ve been.


I can’t think of anything better than a Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon action rom-com. YES! Fuck ‘Batman and Robin’ do a ‘Batgirl and Robin’!


OR! Can they please make another Scarecrow film? Batman Begins was so bad in regards to character representation. It was awful. Cillian Murphy is not Scarecrow. Christopher Nolan is so hit-or-miss with me. Eh.

They could focus solely on Catwoman? (let’s forget that the Halle Berry film exists), a movie about the awesome grrl-power duo of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn? When’s the Wonder Woman movie coming out? Blah.

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