Boys That Just “Don’t Get It”

I use the word “boys” in the title instead of “men” because, to me, nothing screams ‘immature’ like an indirect comment written on a website about how “boring” women who “never shut up about feminism” are.

The same morons will also attempt to disguise or defend their uninformed ignorance by starting the snide comment with “I’m all for women’s rights and equality and all that…” well, clearly you haven’t got a clue, so let’s not even pretend you know what you’re talking about.

There are several things wrong with your argument. If you fully supported women’s rights (which is, essentially, a political movement against chauvinistic patriarchy), you wouldn’t find the women who “never shut up about it” “boring”, because it would be a shared interest and something you stood for and believed in yourself.

You’d understand that sexism is an important issue and if you were even slightly as intelligent as you play up to be, you’d also understand that things don’t get done and change doesn’t happen by ‘shutting up’. I mean, you’re actually part of the problem. You’re telling women to oppress their views and – lol – dismissing those who don’t, as “boring”.

It’s almost as if you believe that your opinion is valued enough to stop me talking about how important I find the issues or topics I tweet/blog about. Newsflash, your opinion(s) don’t mean shit to me. I initially thought you were alright, but you don’t uphold respect by being a thoughtless twit with pseudo-intelligence and a superiority complex.

Your opinion, as you wrote it, was an arrogant condescending hypocritical statement which contradicts every other sexist remark or misogynistic action I’ve previously seen from you. Tell me, are you just misinformed on the meaning of equality and feminism or are you merely a vapid moron who likes to think they’re super intelligent when in reality they’re actually pretty thick?

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