Being an atheist doesn’t make you hot shit

I find myself constantly bewildered at the pretentious attitude of some atheists – who seem to believe they’re intelligently and culturally superior because they don’t believe in ‘God’. I identify as an atheist myself (sometimes I practice Buddhism), but I fully appreciate and respect the belief of others – as long as that belief is not harmful to others or used to justify terrorism or preventable things (“It’s God’s will”)

What I don’t understand, or have very high regard for, is these self-proclaimed “intelligent” people who go around promoting anti-theologic views in the same radical manner as the ‘annoying religious people’ that they’re arguing against!

Like… seriously, have you not learned by now that not everyone is going to have the same views as you? Respect that, don’t try and lecture someone into how you’re “more intelligent” because you don’t “rely on God” – if anything, it makes you seem embarrassingly un-intelligent. Like it or not, God and religion brings comfort to many, many people. Faith is perhaps one of the most fascinating things in the world; it gets people through seemingly impossible times, and to many; it’s all they have.

Atheism isn’t ‘cool’ and I fully resent any self-important, pretentious idiot who approaches innocent people minding their own business and pesters/questions them about their personal beliefs as if they should need to explain themselves. That’s called bullying.

I am an atheist. but it doesn’t mean I view myself as superior or ignorant to religion and the consolation it brings people.

My grandma is a Roman Catholic and seeing her talk about it is almost inspiring; she believes her faith in God helps her do things and without Him, she would not have the strength to do half the things she gets done; I try and tell her that by crediting her faith completely, it’s almost undermining her own strength… but at the end of the day, it’s what she truly believes.

Now whilst I am not a fan of radical religion by any means (my Grandma and I are always keenly debating Catholicism), I would never dream of dismissing her, or anyone, as ‘dumb’ just because they rely on something bigger than any of us. 

Just be a kind person. Religion (or lack thereof) shouldn’t play a part in human decency.

4 thoughts on “Being an atheist doesn’t make you hot shit”

  1. I think this is more of a “religion is harmful” stance taken by majority of atheists. Considering the kinds of things religions are responsible for, the views they promote and the hatred along with them, a lot of atheists want to spread their message in hopes of lessening minds from religious restrictions.

    Consider Evolution not being taught in schools for example. This is a case where minds of children are being prevented from reaching their full brainpower at the hands of the religious. Biology teachers spend more time defending their curriculum than they do teaching it.

    Is a doctor required to lie to a patient who has just been found to have cancer, just because they don’t want them to “feel bad”? Absolutely not.

    And with as loud, obnoxious and common religion is, and considering atheism is a minority, I feel there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being active in atheism. And because a lot of atheism consists of the harms, inconsistencies, and ignorant parts of religion, there’s no ideal way to support your opinion without essentially sounding like an asshole.

    When someone uses a deeply unreasonable idea to cause harm, that idea should be open to being criticized.

    1. That’s exactly what this post is saying. I understand your points and I agree completely; what I don’t like is obnoxious atheists approaching quietly religious people and questioning (no, more like interrogating) them on their “stupid beliefs”. I think it’s unfair. Plus being religious (or unreligious) doesn’t validate intelligence

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