All Hail Al Columbia

What I love about Al Columbia is that he doesn’t fucking sugarcoat anything. His work is so brutally honest; so dark, seedy, and depressing. Even though it is very much so ‘fantasy‘, there’s a grim reality to it that, for whatever reason, is relatable for the reader. 

I think the honesty in his work is what draws a lot of people towards him, too.

Biologic Show #0 opened a lot of doors comix-wise for me; from that I went on to discover R Crumb’s work, various other titles by Fantagraphics, Renee French, Charles Burns’ classic Black Hole, Howard Chaykin, all sorts of anthologies, the list goes on. Al Columbia really introduced me to the comic world underground. And thank god he did; because it fucking rules.

“It usually takes people half their lives to reach a mid-life crisis”

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