Holy Silver-Age Vintage Awesome First Comic I Ever Read, Batman!

I managed to snipe this Silver Age beauty from the late 60’s for an obscenely  low price on eBay the other week. It’s one of the first appearances (I think second, even, maybe third?) by the Scarecrow. Scarecrow is my absolute favourite Batman supervillain (everyone got really obsessed with the Joker after 2008’s The Dark Knight, for some reason. Heath Ledger was mesmerising and all, but it’s not as if the Joker hadn’t been personified amazingly before) (hello, Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero, anyone?) but yeah. I think Scarecrow is severely underrated when you look at what he’s capable of (anything) in terms of his powers!

This was the first comic I ever read when I was about thirteen or so. I found it in my school library as part of a DC collection called Scarecrow Tales and just fell in love with not only the character and storyline but the art and line work. (Scarecrow Tales is an amazing book. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest with the Scarecrow).

It took me forever to track down/remember, but I’m so happy! It’s in great condition, too!

Fright of the Scarecrow #189

Now, all I want (need) is World’s Finest Comics #3 from the 40’s (Golden Age) which features possibly my favourite issue ever, maybe, called: ‘Riddle of the Human Scarecrow’. A reprint of this issue was also featured in Scarecrow Tales, understandably, because it’s a very important Scarecrow comic. Duh. It features Scarecrow’s first ever appearance, and Jonathan Crane’s initiation which I love; (a normal human transforming them-self into a supervillain and seeing their reasoning and point behind it always interests me).

Who’s your favourite DC supervillain? Do you lean more towards Joker or Scarecrow? Or one of the others? Why?

Ah. I could talk about comics for days, but I have to start getting ready and wash this bleach off my hair. I’m going out tonight and my scalp is burning. Bleh.

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