“Virgin School”

Okay, so I just got done watching a cringe-worthy documentary called “Virgin School” which showcased on channel 4 during mid-2007. I know that was five years ago, and it’s sort of irrelevant, but I just had to make a post about it… I don’t know whether I’m touched, amused, or horrified…

The programme follows painfully shy and insecure James Riley, a 26-year-old with no sexual experience whatsoever, as he takes a sexuality course at The Aquarion School for Love and Leadership (aka ‘virgin school’) in Amsterdam (duh, where else?). Over the course of 45 minute show, we watch as James get coached by a small group of three female fifty-something-year-old new age therapists – one of whom is a prostitute and gets to pop James’ cherry at the end of the programme.

On one hand, I found this show completely cringe-worthy. There’s something really wrong in watching someone peer into the ladyparts of their significantly older therapist in attempt to learn about female anatomy. What about the part where he’s being rubbed down in the shower to become comfortable with physical intimacy? Or how about when he’s encouraged to perform a ‘sexy dance’ to increase his self confidence and low self-esteem? (shown below)

I can literally feel the awkwardness radiating through the computer screen…

On the other hand, the brutally honest assessment of James’ own life makes it clear how emotionally crippled his lack of experience had made him; he says he felt “isolated” and “like an outcast”. It’s obvious that the experience (however ridiculous and outrageous viewers initially found it) worked wonders for him and really impacted his life; watching his growing confidence, and his eventual understanding and acceptance of his own sexuality is really quite touching.

It’s also really refreshing to see older women portrayed as being so open and comfortable with their own bodies.

5 years on, James has a steady girlfriend and states;

“It made me a stronger person. When I look at the person in the documentary he’s like a stranger to me now – that’s who I used to be.”

You can watch the show on YouTube hereWarning: It’s definitely NSFW.

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