Monthly Mixtape: July 2012

Every month I’m going to be making a post of music I’ve been listening to; sort of like a playlist. Expect a lot of variety – old, new, relatively unheard of, insanely popular, old favourites, new discoveries, etc. I listen to a lot of music. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my July favourites!

The Sounds – The No No Song

The Sounds are a five-piece, female fronted band from Sweden. I heard this song on a indie horror movie soundtrack and was instantly drawn to the addictive guitar riffs and that electrifying new wave pop/rock sound which makes for the perfect song. I’ve since bought their latest album, ‘Something To Die For’ and have to say I love it. The band’s lead singer, Blondie-esque Maja Ivarsson, has also been be featured on the 2011 All Time Low album ‘Dirty Work’ – she’s a guest vocalist on the track “Guts”.

The Sounds Official website

Girl In A Coma – Their Cell

I’ve known about Girl In A Coma for a few years (something which brought them to my attention is the fact they’re on Joan Jett’s “Blackheart Records” label!), but for whatever reason, never got round to listening to them until recently. As soon as I heard the bittersweet introduction to Their Cell, followed by the painfully honest and intense lyrics, I knew I would love this band – and I was right! I looked through YouTube, listening to every possible GIAC song I could find, and to my pleasant surprise, I haven’t been able to find one I dislike. This three-piece all-girl band from San Antonio, Texas are definitely now on my ‘favourite bands’ list.

Girl In A Coma Official website

Superbus – Radio Song

Playing Guitar Hero III copious amounts with my step-sister has it’s advantages! This catchy, upbeat tune by French five-piece Superbus is featured on the game as an unlockable bonus song. After discovering this band via good old Guitar Hero, I was on Spotify straight away and listened to their Greatest Hits album so many times that I succeeded my play limit! Sad times. I’m going to buy that album asap.

SUPERBUS Official website

No Doubt – Oi! To The World

No Doubt: one of my favourite bands ever. Gwen Stefani: my goddess. An oldie, but a goodie, everyone should be aware of this cover of The Vandals’ song of the same name – it’s just wonderful. Infact, I like the No Doubt version way better. Seriously, can this band do anything short of amazing? I’ve loved No Doubt ever since I was a kid when my dad used to play Tragic Kingdom in the mornings on the way to school. The band’s highly anticipated new record is coming out in little over a month [September 25th!] and I can’t effing wait.

No Doubt Official website

Bikini Kill – For Tammy Rae

Hands down one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard; it’s the perfect ‘best friend’ song. It’s no secret that I adore Bikini Kill, so I just had to include a song by them; and this one’s my favourite. For the grrrl who changed my life…

Bikini Kill Official website

Kathleen Hanna Official website

Chantal Claret – Honey, Honey

Channeling that retro motown beat and taking listeners on an audio journey back to the 60s via her recent debut album, ex-Morningwood frontwoman Chantal Claret has won me over yet again. I listened to this track consistently for about 3 hours when I first heard it and can you blame me?

Chantal Claret Official website

Gossip – Move In The Right Direction

This song is a feel-good, inspiring, motivational anthem that I can’t get enough of. Beth Ditto is without a doubt one of the coolest frontwomen in rock today… She’s a controversial, outspoken, lesbian feminist, and she  doesn’t give a fuck. I love her.

Gossip Official website

Band Of Horses – The End’s Not Near

The song title sounds slightly uplifting, right? Wrong. This song is melancholy and depressing as hell… but that’s what’s so gorgeous about it. I’ve been listening to Band Of Horses a lot recently; it seems all their songs share the same beautifully destructive vibe; lovely yet awful, happy yet sad… After listening to their third album ‘Infinite Arms‘ in it’s entirety, the only thing I was sure of was that I loved this band. I’ll definitely be buying their new album in September!

Band Of Horses Official website

Frank Black – I Heard Ramona Sing

I’m a devout Pixies fan, so it would make perfect sense that I adore everything Black Francis does; his solo album that this song is from (and one of my favourite albums) was released shortly after the break-up of the Pixies – the material is definitely similar to the likes of Bossanova (one of my other favourite albums) but at the same time it’s distinctly different. This song was featured on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack; ‘Ramona’ obviously being in reference to the character Ramona Flowers (although according to Black, it was written about the Ramones).

Frank Black Official website

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Head On

This is one of the constantly played songs on my iPod… JAMC are one of my favourite bands of all time. I don’t have anything else to say. If you don’t like this song… I don’t know what’s quite wrong with you.

The Jesus & Mary Chain Official website


One thought on “Monthly Mixtape: July 2012”

  1. Apparently Beth once chugged two bottles of red wine so she could throw it up all over a homophobe in front of his friends. I love her 😀

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