Agoraphobic teen releases her first single

Meet Jemma Pixie Hixon; a 21 year old from Worcester who’s grown increasingly popular singing covers on YouTube. She’s beautiful, talented, has been featured on Kerrang! radio, MTV, various news websites…

Oh, and she hasn’t left her house in over two years.


Jemma’s suffered with severe panic and anxiety since the age of 6, which unfortunately developed into agoraphobia during her teenage years, and now she’s been left completely housebound. Still, this doesn’t stop Jemma — she recently released her debut single “Never Let Go” — which was completely recorded in her bedroom.

Her story has touched me in a very personal way; although nothing like Jemma’s condition, I have been through similar issues throughout the past year. I developed agoraphobia due to anxiety and was housebound for a few months… it’s a terribly isolated, lonely, depressing thing to go through and I find it completely inspirational that Jemma isn’t letting this stop her from achieving her dreams.

When you’re suffering with agoraphobia it’s so easy to be sucked into an abyss of self-pity and depression. You feel trapped, helpless, frustrated. You give up. It’s clear that Jemma is not even close to giving up. Battling with something so intense at such a young age… it’s obvious that she’s a determined and incredibly strong individual.

I wish her all the happiness and luck in the world, and when she recovers – which I’m sure she will – I will be first in line to her show.

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