Not often anymore, but sometimes I get a little bit sentimental about you. It’s strange to hold someone on such a high pedestal one day, and then have your mind radically changed about everything you thought they were the next. 

Sometimes I feel heartbroken, sometimes I feel relieved. 

You’ve got the darkest eyes. 

I wasn’t who you made me out to be. And you weren’t everything I made you up to be. 

I needed it.

Versus Versace SS 15

Versus is the youthful diffusion of Versace; hailed as the rock-chic fashion line, creative and innovative, it was Gianni Versace’s gift to his muse and younger sister Donatella – by all means the first woman to merge the music world with the fashion world, just as he brother did before her.

So, naturally, upon seeing the latest Versus line has incorporated safety pins – not only an homage to punk subculture – but also a throwback to Gianni Versace’s clothes in the early ’90’s – I bought a couple of bags because, well, punk and couture is a perfect marriage of juxtaposition and contrast, and it’s insanely aesthetically pleasing. At least to me, anyway. 


Yellow Paint

It’s no secret that Vincent Van Gogh had a tumultuous life. Now regarded as one of the most influential and recognisable impressionist painters in history, he died at age 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after suffering years of severe depression, anxiety, and frequent bouts of mental illness. For Van Gogh, the colour yellow was a symbol of happiness, and because of this, he used to eat yellow paint as he desperately thought it would get the happiness inside him. Many people decided he was mad for doing such a thing — because the paint was toxic — and it was blindly obvious to observers that eating paint could not possibly have any direct correlation to one’s happiness. 


 If you were so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possibly work to bring you peace of mind and fleeting relief — such as painting the walls of your internal organs yellow — then of course you are going to do it. 

It’s really no different to falling in love or taking drugs; yes there’s a very tangible risk of getting your heart broken, or overdosing, but people still do it every day because for them – there’s always that chance it will make things better, that it will numb the pain… even for a little while.

Everybody has their own yellow paint.

some pictures from london

These are just some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken from the past few times I’ve been into the city. This blog site started out as an agoraphobic blog, documenting my sudden-onset illness of crippling anxiety which began when I was seventeen. Three years later, I’m thinking ‘What agoraphobia?’ Bam, bam, bam.